How to survive as a winter cyclist

This picture is from January, it was about -7 degrees Celsius, and I was on my way to work downtown Oslo, a ride that takes about 35 minutes. It had been snowing quite a lot the previous day, so Oslo was covered in bright white snow that glowed like tiny crystals in the morning light. It was a fantastic day for a bike ride.


Game recommendations

I’ve always been a gamer. Ever since I got my Nintendo Game & Watch with the Fire Attack game sometime in the late eighties, I’ve loved gaming! I’ve mostly played on PC or mobile devices, and with a few years break, I’ve always played on PC’s I’ve built myself. So here are a few game recommendations for PC of games I’ve played in the last year.


My favorite gadget

To choose a favorite gadget is an impossible task. I love gadgets, big and small, cheap and expensive. If you could argue that a bike is a gadget, then my eBike would probably win, but I’m thinking of something smaller and more “gadgety”.


Put some squares on you home screen

I had a difficult love/hate relationship with Windows Phone (later Windows Mobile), but the one thing I miss is the tiled home screen. It was genius! But as an Android user, it’s of course nothing that stops me from recreating that feature.


Build your own retro game console

Did you grow up in the nineties playing games that came in cartridges? The last years Nintendo especially, but also SEGA, Neo Geo and others have had immense success in selling retro-consoles in “mini” versions. Here is how to build your own instead.


#DeskSetup as of January 2023

During the pandemic I found this old hobby I’d almost forgotten about: the “desksetup”. As an old gamer I used to build my own computers and I loved to organize a good setup on the desk. It has been over 15 years since last, and a lot has changed in options since the early 2000.

#DeskSetup as of January 2023">(more…)

Give your Vivaldi Social profile some love!

Personally, I love a good profile page. When I decide if I want to follow someone or not, I always look at their profile page, and I often change my own profile. Here are some thoughts on how and why you should change yours.


How to use IFTTT to integrate the Vivaldi blog (WordPress) with Vivaldi Social (Mastodon)

When you write a blog post, you want to tell your followers that you’ve written it. You can do that automatically with IFTTT. This guide works with any WordPress site and any Mastodon instance, but I’m using the Vivaldi Blogs and Vivaldi Social as example.