My Vivaldi theme setup

Lenovo W520 laptop with lots of stickers.

The wonderful thing about Vivaldi browser is how you can set it up as your perfect browser. For example, I have created two themes that I have scheduled to help me remember to stop working and go home.

Let’s start with themes and work our way through my setup.

Scheduled themes

During office-hours I use a theme I’ve created with my employers branding. If I do live demos that makes it look professional and cool:

Vivaldi SuperOffice theme
SuperOffice theme

When the clock ticks 16:00 I need to start thinking about getting on the bike and cycle home to pick up the youngest from the kindergarden, so I’ve set up a schedule that automatically turns the browser red:

Vivaldi The Ascent theme
The Ascent theme

This is a very efficient way of alert me instead of having an alarm on my mobile or reminder in the calendar. Here is how it’s set up in the browser settings dialog:

Vivaldi Theme Shedule
Theme schedule

There are a lot of advanced features and customizations you can do with the Vivaldi browser, but to me, I’m pretty sure this is the most useful one!


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