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Daughter 1.0 playing the game "Stray" on the computer

I’ve always been a gamer. Ever since I got my Nintendo Game & Watch with the Fire Attack game sometime in the late eighties, I’ve loved gaming! I’ve mostly played on PC or mobile devices, and with a few years break, I’ve always played on PC’s I’ve built myself. So here are a few game recommendations for PC of games I’ve played in the last year.

I won’t list the AAA titles, which would be too obvious and recommendations for that you can get from a hundred other blogs, magazines or YouTube’ers.

The Ascent

This is the oldest of the three games I’m recommending for PC, but it’s definitively the most action filled! Created by a Swedish indie game developer, it’s set in a cyberpunk future on another space system where the company running the place have lost control and anarchy rules. It’s a top-down shooter and I love it!

You can actually do Couch Co-Up in this game, and they have a thriving official Discord server if you need help or want to be a part of their community.


This game is so amazing, the picture on the top of this blogpost is of my oldest daughter that have just started playing Stray. I love the atmosphere in the futuristic cyberpunk world and that it’s this strange game where you feel like it’s an open world but isn’t. You run around as a cat with no HUD, no maps and you only dialog through a robot-drone that somehow can communicate with you. It’s amazing! I loved the ending, and I’m hoping for a sequel.

It’s a bit on the short side, but that just makes it easier for more people to actually finish and experience the whole game.

High on Life

This is the newest game I have, and it’s a first-person shooter even though I usually don’t like FPS’s that much.

It’s not a large game, and the gaming isn’t really that good from an FPS perspective, but the graphics, the atmosphere, and the twisted 18+ humor is just fantastic. I loved every second of it, except the end that was a bit anti-climactic.

I can’t remember a game I was this hooked on except Stray, for many many years.

How I played the games

I’ve been playing The Ascent and Stray with a controller, while I played High on Life with keyboard and mouse (as any FPS should be played) on the PC I’ve written a blog post about before.

None of these three games are brand new either, except High on Life, so you should be able to get them at a fair price as well.

Happy gaming 🙂


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